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After one bite of Wagyu Beef we knew it was something we wanted to raise on Weise Farms. The flavor is rich and delicious, marbled and tender. That was about six years ago.

In our research, we found that some Wagyu cattle carry a special mutation of a gene known as Stearoyl CA desaturase, or SCD, that changes fat into a rich Omega 3 healthy fat. This preferred fat has a low melting point, similar to coconut oil. Not all Wagyu cattle will have this gene, but we wanted ours to have it. 

Mission Accomplished. We bought a 100% wagyu bull that had been DNA tested to have the preferred SCD AA gene while also scoring a 7 on the tenderness scale from 1-10. And even better, he had an ultrasound that gave a glimpse of a very nice long ribeye area.

We also decided to buy a couple of registered Wagyu cows with the same DNA, and that’s how our journey began.

It takes us approximately 3 years to raise Wagyu to the appropriate size for the freezer. We slow-grow them into the healthiest beef we know of. I am happy to say that my own genetically high cholesterol that was well over 300 is trending down to near normal.

Raising delicious, healthy beef and offering it to the local community is something we feel passionate about. Our calves are born in the pastures of Weise Farms where they spend the first six months of their life with their momma. They are then weaned and allowed free range, grazing in open fields until they are about 18 months, and ready to be finished. Our grain-finished calves are indeed healthy because of the genetics we have chosen. And we finish them right outside of our home, where they are loved and spoiled until graduation day.

We raise happy, healthy, pastured animals, and finish them on grain from an award winning locally owned business, who sources locally grown grain from local farmers. We process the meat locally at USDA and State certified processing plants to ensure quality. 

The benefits are many and varied, including a healthy dose of iron, choline, vitamins A, B, E and K2.


When you taste your first bite of Wagyu, you may think that it’s too good to be true. But those are the facts: tender, delicious meats can also be a source of important health benefits. So don’t be afraid of fat or red meat. Learn how different amino acids work in your body, and you can make informed decisions about your diet. Now that you’ve learned a few of the important health benefits of wagyu beef, give it a try! 

Weise Farms wagyu beef will nourish you and your family. We hope you will consider replacing your grocery store beef with wagyu beef from Weise Farms. We also offer smaller monthly shares in our CSA subscription program "The Meat Club."

So Instead of buying beef that might have been raised in another country, that was shipped and repackaged in America, and then labeled as a product of the USA, you can enjoy healthy and delicious wagyu beef raised on our farm in the country, just down the road. 

Our current rate for a side of beef is just $7.50 per pound when you buy a half calf, which includes local processing at local inspected State processors.

Or you can place a deposit on grass fed wagyu beef, also at $7.50 per pound which also includes local processing at local inspected State processors.


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