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The Cistern Cilly Cisters Farm2Table

The Cistern Cilly Cisters Red Hat Society visited Weise Farms on Thursday, November 16, for a Farm tour, followed by a farm to table luncheon, and the opportunity to grab some wagyu beef, and other homemade products from our farm.

The event had a great turnout, with 18 members in attendance, which they told me was the largest group so far.

Tim and I led the farm tour that gave members a behind-the-scenes look at how Weise Farms raises our wagyu cattle from birth to harvest. They hand fed some of our steers, saw our roll out chicken nest boxes and automatic chicken doors, and our Fall garden.

A delicious luncheon was made by our daughter, Whitney Faske.

The meal included Pasta Carbonara, made with fresh (not dried) homemade thick spaghetti, wagyu beef bacon, and golden egg yolks. They also enjoyed sous vide Wagyu beef flank steak, and a side salad.

But the star of the show was Whitney’s homemade sourdough bread as a gorgeous presentation of compound garlic butter and mozzarella cheese that made everyone wish she had loaves available for sale.

Desert bars were made fresh that morning featuring a wagyu beef tallow crust, topped with pear, chocolate chips and pecans.

The Cistern Cilly Cisters Red Hat Society is a local social organization for women, and the event was a great opportunity for members to connect with each other and learn more about local agriculture.

Thank you to all of these ladies for blessing us with your presence. We enjoyed it so much!

If you have a small group that would like to experience a farm to table meal, please keep us in mind. We hope you enjoy these photos from the day.

Pictured on the left is Betty Flora. Betty was a winner of a wagyu beef flank steak in one of our two door prize drawings for the day. Congratulations Betty!

Ms. Edna was celebrating her 93rd birthday that day. We all sang Happy Birthday to her. And she was a lucky winner in one of our door prize drawing for our brand new Essential Tallow night cream. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Ms. Edna!


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