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Back in the day, The Meat Club was formed out of necessity because there were no modern day freezers. Farmers would get together each month or sometimes twice each month depending upon how many people were in the club. Farmers would take turns providing a calf for the group. Someone in the club had a place to do the processing and they would all get together to process the calf and split the meat equally between everyone. Nowadays, not everyone is a farmer, and not everyone has room for a large freezer. Subscribing to The Meat Club makes it possible to get locally raised farm-fresh meat every month, adding predictability to your menu.

The Meat Club

Subscribe & save on wagyu beef from our farm to your table every month!

  • 5 For $45

    Every month
    Get 5 pounds ground beef each month
    • Get 5 pounds of ground Wagyu beef each month
    • for a savings of 10% off of our regular retail price!
    • Free pickup in La Grange or Giddings.
    • Please message me if you have any questions.
    • (979) 540-7164
  • Wagyu Beef Sampler

    Every month
    Get a Delicious Sampler Box of Wagyu Beef each Month
    • Steak, BBQ, Chicken Fried, Roast, Casserole, Stew...
    • The value of this Wagyu beef sampler is $125 or more.
    • This is a great way to enjoy a variety of Wagyu beef
    • at a savings of 20% or more!
    • Sampler boxes vary from box to box
    • and cannot be customized.
Weise Farms Ground Wagyu Beef 5 r04 $%
$100 Beef Sampler.jpg
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