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DIY Fixer Upper Young Living Vitality Becky & Tim Weise Farms Avon

Meet Becky & Tim Weise
Two DIY people who met in 1980 at a baseball game, we shared a bag of Cheetos and fell in love. Married in 1981, we decided to make everything we possibly could. Our goal was to save money and live as healthy and sustainably as possible by growing our own food right here in Central Texas. As time went on we continued to discover new ways to be self sufficient.  

We raise and sell Wagyu beef, sometimes referred to as Kobe beef from Japan. Wagyu beef generally grades at prime or better quality beef because of the high marbling, rich in Omega 3's. We offer grain fed and grass fed Wagyu beef. 
We also sell lambs and lamb meat, chickens and chicken meat, and baby chicks. We sell eggs from pastured chickens for eating. And we also sell hatching eggs. We use our eggs to make and sell homemade noodles and pastas, some gluten free! 

We are on a journey that involves wholesome whole organically grown foods, rich in nutrients. And we love sharing our bountiful goodness with others. 
We still enjoy a few Cheetos every now and then, but for the most part, we do our best to raise it, grow it, make it, preserve it, eat it, hatch it, and sell it. And sometimes we even teach it, and maybe even preach it. 
We hope you will join us on our journey. Let us be your farmer!

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