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Oh! Mega 3

In our search for the perfect Wagyu beef, we wanted only those that carry a special mutation of a gene known as Stearoyl CA desaturase,

or SCD, that changes regular fat into a rich Omega 3 healthy fat. This preferred fat has a low melting point, similar to coconut oil. Not

all Wagyu cattle will have this gene, but we wanted ours to have it. And since we prefer grain-finished beef, this gene allows us

to have that healthy fat, with melt-in-your-mouth tenderness that we all know and love.

Raising delicious beef and offering it to the local community is something we feel passionate about. Our calves are weaned in

the pastures of Weise Farms where they spend the first part of their life grazing in open fields. Our grain-finished calves are

indeed healthy because of the genetics we have chosen.

We raise happy, healthy, pastured animals, and finish them on grain from locally owned feed mills who buy locally grown

grain from local farmers. We process the meat locally at USDA and State certified processing plants to ensure quality.

Knowing where your food comes from is so important. Find a farmer you trust and buy local.

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