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Chicken Friends are the best!

Chicken Friends

When we moved to Central Texas, I was really excited to finally get chickens! I was really new to it but knew I wanted some Easter Eggers. A friend connected me to the Weises and Becky spent so much time on the phone with me explaining chicken care, what I would need, and chicken Math (ie how many we should get). When we went to pick up our pullets, they were super sweet and showed us around their whole place. I loved how beautiful and clean everything was and that all of the animals were well cared for. They really love their animals and it’s apparent. We’ve had our girls for several months and Becky has helped me every step of the way. She helped us get set up with a rooster to protect our girls. She continues to help with my million questions and has taught me that chicken friends are the best kind of friends. 

— Chelsea & Dustin Beck, Warda TX

Chicken Channel

Chicken Channel

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