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What a Conglomeration!

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

As the years go by one thing is for certain. Weise Farms is more than farming. It's about gardening (and there is a difference between farming and gardening). But most importantly, it's all about food. Our goal is to grow it, raise it, make it, and preserve it. Almost everything we eat is something that came from our farm.

Wagyu beef. Once you taste it, you will understand why we chose this breed for our farm and ranch. The health benefits of Wagyu beef, in either grass-fed or grain-fed are amazing. It is high in Omega 3s. It has a low melting point of fat. The flavor profile is buttery. If you love beef, why not enjoy tender, delicious beef that is also healthy for you.

Dorper sheep. Lamb is also rich in Omega 3s. There are so many ways to prepare lamb. Curried lamb is one of our favorites. It adds diversity to the menu. We chose Dorper sheep because they do not require sheering. They shed. They have a mild, sweet flavor profile, unlike some of the other breeds of sheep.

Chickens. Raising chickens brings joy to our daily routine. Our chickens are pastured, free range foragers. And because of that, we often lose some to predators, but foraging is what makes the yolks rich in color and so good for you. When we have extra eggs, we make noodles and pasta. Chicken meat, eggs, noodles, pasta, and of course sometimes we let our broody hens hatch their own babies. There's a lot to love about chickens.

Our grandchildren mean the world to us. We love spending time with them and teaching them how to do the things we do. We make it fun. They enjoy helping out with whatever we are doing. They love to gather eggs, place them into cartons, make noodles, and of course eat noodles. But they also love to help in the garden by planting seeds, picking produce, and sometimes popping freshly picked fruits and vegetables right in their mouth. That's when the vitamins are at their peek of freshness. They love getting to drive the mule around the farm to check on the cows. They help us split firewood. The bonds we have with our grandchildren have grown so strong by doing things with them around the farm. They might be young, but they love to work! And in doing so, we hope to pass on the love of farming, gardening and ranching on to them.

We love good food. We believe that eating healthy foods keeps you well. Food is our medicine. Food brings our family closer together. We raise it, grow it, make it, preserve it and share it. It is so much more than just beef, or just eggs. It's everything! Family - Farm - Food - Fun... Weise Farms - What a Conglomeration!

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