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Winner Winner Fajita Dinner!

The Winner of the Winchester Farmers Market was here visiting a friend and she came to shop with us. Congratulations to…

Marsha Karrass is from Austin, Texas. She was here visiting Margaret Atkins for the famous Winchester Quilt Blocks, attending a painting class. We hope you enjoy your wagyu beef fajita skirt steak, Marsha. Please send us a picture when you make fajitas and let us know!

We only have a few packages of wagyu fajita meat available, and as always, you get first dibs for reading our emails. We've never added it to our website before because this is something we really enjoy for ourselves. Since our prize was wagyu fajita I'm willing to share just a few.

You are invited to attend the Grand Opening of Sugar Magnolia Farm. Enjoy free brunch in their biscuit bar! There will be a Farmers & Makers Market along with lots of other wonderful reasons to drive on out for a visit. Weise Farms will be bringing along our wagyu beef and lots of other goodies.

We hope to see you there!

And by the way, if you have read all the way to the end, beef bacon is back in stock! We made it a little sweeter, a little smokier, and sliced it a little bit thinner. I have to say, this is the recipe we will stick with. It is exactly what I was hoping for. There may not be anything left after this weekend, so grab one while you can. I have a few more than what is shown in inventory.

May God shower blessings upon you. As always, thank you for supporting our small family farm.


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