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Oh Chute! Celebrations, Shingles, a Bunch of Bull, and "God Things"

Before we dive into our interesting and fun filled week, I just want to remind you that the Winchester Farmers Market is this Saturday from 8:30 to Noon. Weise Farms will be picking up another harvest of Wagyu beef just before the market and our coolers will be full. I will not have a chance to update the inventory on the website before the market, so please call me if you need specific cuts of meat so that I can bring them along to the market. We'll also have our Wagyu beef bacon back in stock!!!

On November 7, Tim and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary, and it was perfectly fitting that we would commemorate the day with a little project to make our lives easier. We poured a foundation for our new Tarter Series 6 Squeeze Chute, and proceeded to set it. Everything went well, except for the shocking sensation that I felt on the side of my head. I knew it had to be shingles again.

We were in town getting a few supplies and I called Dr. Birnbaum, who miraculously had a cancellation at that exact moment. The receptionist asked how quickly I could get there. And since we were only a half block away, I made it in 2 minutes. Dr. Birnbaum looked at my scalp and verified it was indeed shingles. She immediately started me on the antiviral medicines. And thankfully, it stopped the spread in its tracks, and I had relief from the nerve medication in a few hours. How often can you call the doctor and see them within minutes. Dr. Birnbaum said "It was a God thing." She wished us a Happy Anniversary, and it was.

Oh what fun it is to ride... Earlier in the week, my momma's bull was repeatedly getting himself stuck inside the hay ring. He got inside the hay ring by putting his head at the bottom, picking it up, and walked into the ring, which fell over his back. But then he could not get himself out. What a sight it was to see a bull inside a metal circle, walking around wherever he wanted. He was able to navigate through gates, drink water out of the water trough. He would pull his head out from one of the openings, and move it to another in order to move in different directions. My Mom is 86 years old. It was another "God thing" when I called her in the middle of the day. I had already talked to her that morning, but I needed to call her again. She sounded upset, and was just about to attempt to free him by herself. I fear she would have been hurt if he switched directions on her. I called Tim and he took off of work to free the bull. But the next day, that rascal was back in the ring again. Oh the jokes we made about "portable pens" and "bull pens" and his outfit being "customized." A different hay ring has stopped him from getting inside so far. Yes it is funny, but not day after day. Be sure to turn the volume up on the video if you want a good laugh.

On November 3, Weise Farms donated some of our Wagyu beef German Sausage Hot Links to The Fayette County Record in celebration of their 102 Birthday party. It was a big turnout. And it is so nice to discover this heartfelt Thank You in the paper. What a wonderful feeling it is to feel appreciated.

Oh how I wish we could have been there for the birthday party, but our grandchildren were running in a cross country track meet at the very same time in Warda at Faith Lutheran High School. I wouldn't have missed that cross country meet for the world.

Our youngest grandson, John ran a half mile as a kindergartener. He listened to his coaches and set a comfortable pace, and he stuck to it the whole way. He didn't win, but he also didn't walk any.

Jolee ran the mile and placed second in her group. Max also ran the mile, and placed 6th in his group.

I think there were 25-30 kids in each of their races. We are so proud of them for their accomplishments.

Tim and I want to thank you all for supporting our small family farm. We love growing and raising food for our local community as well as our friends and family outside of the local community. We love it when you send us pictures of your perfectly cooked steaks. We love hearing how much you enjoy them. And we really appreciate when you let others know about us so that we can continue to grow. Those five star reviews make our hearts beat a little faster, and we can't thank you all enough. You are part of our journey, and that too, is a "God thing."

All our best,


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