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Take the Time. Make the Time

As the old year came to a close, life became more scheduled than ever, and yet, things that were on the schedule had to be put on hold. 

We had some time off from work and planned to wean calves. But that didn’t happen yet because other things took priority.

There were Advent services and Christmas programs. I love this time of year. I love all of the songs. I love watching my grandchildren in the programs. It brings us so much joy. Our grandson Gable played the part of the Angel Gabriel. Emmy had a song program. And Max, Jolee and John had speaking parts in the Serbin program. These were all gifts to me that were worth more than anything money could buy.

My Godchild, Aaron and his family came to visit from Alabama the week before Christmas, and  we enjoyed a get-together with the Matthijetz family, although the only person with the last name of Matthijetz was my mom. 

Each Christmas we take a picture of my mom and her five great grandchildren. We are so blessed to have cousins who love each other as much as we love them. Don't miss out on these photo opportunities. They will become lasting treasures.

We also loved the visit from our nephew, Sam, and his family, who flew in from the Czech Republic. We love all of the stories and guitar pickin’ and singing. We also love hearing about the similarities and differences of life from over the pond. 

Funerals are not something we would ever wish to include as part of our Christmas and New Year plans, but sadly it was part of ours.

We had the most wonderful time visiting with Tim’s childhood best friend, Paul, whose mom passed away. Mrs. Moebus left an imprint on all of us. It was so much fun sharing stories of the good ole days. It makes us wonder why we don’t get together more often. 

And we said goodbye to a dear friend who lost her battle with cancer. Theresa was only 58. So many people prayed for her healing. And she got that healing, but not in the way we were all hoping. Say a prayer for the family because these are all things that no one wants to go through.

The work we planned can wait. Take the time… make the time to visit with family and friends. And when you do, look around and appreciate who is there. Treasure the moments. Because in a moment, life can change.

Our family from the Czech Republic.


Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? We did! Our goal this year is to grow our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscriptions known as The Meat Club. Raising beef is challenging and expensive. Having it ready when the customer is ready is the key to success. But having it ready without having a half sold is scary. The Meat Club CSA program offers predictability to your menu while also providing the farm predictability of knowing how much beef will be needed.The steady income offsets the constant and rising costs of feed and hay. So thank you to all of our meat club subscribers. 

Choices for The Meat Club CSA program include a 5for$45 package which includes five packages of ground beef each month for only $45. We also have a wagyu variety pack, perfect for singles at $55 per month. Both of these bundles are 10% off of our regular retail prices. Our best value is the $100 wagyu beef sampler at 15% off of our retail prices. Larger families subscribe to the $100 along with the $45 package. 

One of the ways we would like to grow the program is to set up monthly pickup spots in different areas. Currently we offer pickup in La Grange or Giddings. We’d love to grow those areas and expand into other areas. If you would like to be a coordinator for a pickup spot, let us know. We would be i

nterested in delivering to other parts of Fayette and Lee County, expanding into the surrounding counties this year. 

As always we offer retail cuts while supplies last. The ribeyes, filets, New York Strips and other prime cuts go out of stock fast so subscribe to our site and ask to receive notifications when products come back in stock. Sneak Peak for those who have read this entire post. We are restocking with our brand new harvest on Friday.

The most economical way to eat wagyu beef is to purchase a side of beef. As of today, the cost is holding steady at $7.50 per pound which includes processing. After we do our year end reports it may go up. We currently have several calves that are ready for harvest. If you have a freezer this is the way to go. If you are wondering how much freezer space you will need, here is a link to some helpful information:  If you have any questions, please let us know. We love talking beef! Especially wagyu beef!


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