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Wendish Noodle Making Class is in Session!

On Saturday, November 18, The Texas Wendish Heritage Society hosted a noodle making class. Marian Wiederhold and I taught the class. Twenty One attended and we all had a great time!

Each participant brought a rolling pen and a bowl. Everything else was provided, including the recipe!

Marian taught the ladies how to make noodles the old fashioned way, all by hand. This method is definitely labor intensive. But noodles can be made without all any fancy equipment.

Once the dough was mixed and rolled out, it was allowed to dry for a bit.

That's when we took a little coffee break. Marian brought some delicious homemade coffee cake and it was delicious!

After that, we all moved over to the demonstration area where I showed them how to make noodles using machines. I personally line up one machine to mix and extrude sheets. Another to roll out the dough so thin that you can read a love letter through it, and then another to cut the sheets into ultra fine noodles just the way my Aunt Clara made them. Only hers were all cut by hand.

I weigh everything because the machines like preciseness. I shared my recipe with the group as well, but if anyone who attended the class did not write it down, please let me know and I will share it with you.

I've attached a lot of photos from the class, and I hope you can wait long enough for them to load.

As you scroll through the pictures below, you can see variations in size and thickness made by each of the ladies in class. But that's ok! All of these noodles will taste as wonderful as can be! And remember, the more you make, the better they'll get!

Noodle making by hand is a workout. We know that some will keep on making noodles, and others will just keep on buying noodles! Either way, we sure appreciate everyone who came.

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