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Weise Farms Modern Day Meat Club

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Do you know where your beef comes from? Some jokingly say "The grocery store!" But seriously, do you know?

Back in the old days, farmers formed meat clubs and they would gather together once per month and harvest beef, pork and other meats. They took turns providing the animals and sharing the workload along with the bounty. They all knew where their meat came from. It came from "the country" and was raised just down the road.

Today, most people shop at grocery stores and they don’t really know where their meat comes from, or worse, they don’t even know what country their meat comes from because it is not currently required to list the country of origin on labels. Meats raised in other countries and sold in grocery stores are usually less expensive. Do you ever wonder why? What did those animals eat? How were they raised? What supplements were they given? Was the meat treated with any chemicals to kill germs? Was pink slime added to enhance color or flavor? What is pink slime anyway? These questions and many others make you also question if you really want to eat something that you know nothing about.

Most people who try our home raised, locally grown and processed ground Wagyu beef for the first time are blown away by the delicious flavor. We never use hormones or antibiotics, ever. Nothing is added to our beef to enhance color or flavor. It is just pure, delicious beef.

How can we reach the average person who buys from the grocery store instead of buying directly from a local farmer?

Weise Farms is bringing back “The Meat Club.” This modern day meat club subscription is just $45 per month, and you can cancel at any time. You get 5 pounds of ground Wagyu beef each month, with a discount on any regular priced meats that are in stock at Weise Farms, with free delivery or pick-up at set locations in La Grange and Giddings. You will also receive first-in-line priority on other products as they become available. Your monthly meat club subscription brings predictability to your menu, while helping to keep our local farm sustainable. That’s a win-win for all of us!

Join "The Meat Club" at Weise Farms and receive first-in-line order fulfillment with discounts on in-stock meat purchases, and get free delivery or pick-up in Giddings & La Grange. Visit or call Becky at (979) 540-7164 to start enjoying delicious beef every month and taste the difference.


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