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We Have Briskets!

The Fayette County Fair BBQ Cookoff is this Saturday, August 26, and Weise Farms has wagyu briskets available. We don't know if our briskets are competition worthy, but if you think they are, we have some for your consideration.

If a team buys our brisket and wins the brisket competition this weekend in Fayette County, we'll give you a full refund on the brisket!

** GRAND CHAMPION OVERALL gets an invitation to the AUSTIN BBQ COOKOFF **

If our Weise Farms brisket winner happens to also be the winner overall, advancing to Austin, we'll provide a brisket for the Austin Cookoff as a sponsor for your team!

Three briskets available. Please spread the word to everyone who might be interested.

Thank you so much,

Tim & Becky Weise (979) 540-7164.

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