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See you in Winchester!

The Winchester Farmers Market is this Saturday, September 2, from 8:30am-Noon and Weise Farms will be there!

We'll have several Labor Day specials. One of our specials is available right now when you sign up for The Meat Club between now and Monday with our "5 for $45" or the "$100 Sampler" and we'll give you an extra pound of ground wagyu as a sign-up bonus! Let us know if you'd like to pick up your order at the farmers market and we'll be happy to bring it along!

As always you can register to win a drawing for wagyu beef at our booth. It's Labor Day Weekend, and many of you will be grilling steaks or making hamburgers, and firing up the BBQ. If you haven't tried wagyu burgers, you should! Drop us a line to let us know what we can bring to the farmers market for your holiday weekend.

This guacamole burger would be perfect on sourdough bread.

We will also be bringing noodles and pasta, honey, jelly and biscuit mix, and other good food selections.

We'll have a good supply of homemade soaps, as well as our Weise Farms wagyu tallow & goats milk soap. It is luxuriously creamy, and we are hearing positive feedback from our customers with skin conditions.

We will have samples of our wagyu beef summer sausage with and without jalapeño cheese, German sausage and jerky.

Our steaks sell out quickly, so it is best to pre-order those and pick up at the market. We will bring a selection of wonderful things for the grill.

The Farmers Market is at Zilss Hall in Winchester, located at 108 Memorial Hall St, Winchester, TX, United States, Texas. We hope to see you there!!!


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