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In the last couple of years we saw first hand how fragile the grocery store food supply chain is. Now that things are getting back to normal, we are seeing record high food prices at the store.

But there’s good news for you! Your connection with us means you can get out from under the ever rising costs of the corporate beef industry.

Now you don’t have to worry about shortages, price hikes, or misleading labels. The only way to have a truly trustworthy source of beef is to know your farmer! And we would be honored to be your farmer!

When you place a Wagyu beef deposit with us, we literally take that deposit and use it to raise beef for you. It’s like putting your name on one of our cows. We'll even send you pictures!

We have a few spots left for a half of a Wagyu Beef this month. A half should be around 400 pounds, give or take 50. You could find a few friends and split it amongst yourselves. It might be the best tasting purchase you ever made.

Need a freezer? I have connections!

Let's talk beef! Give me a call at (979) 540-7164.

Mention this email and get our lowest price of the year on ribeyes, New York Strips, filet mignons, sirloins, fajitas and brisket for just $7.50 per pound.

Reasons buy bulk beef:

It offers premium Wagyu beef at affordable prices. It guarantees the best beef for you and your family year round. It helps us plan our herd around your needs. There is no middleman. We raise it for you. Most sustainable way to raise and eat beef.




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