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A Special Occasion Meal at Home...

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Perfect for a week night

Make hearts happy this Valentine's Day with fun and fancy fine dining at home.

Yes! That’s right. Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition this year by planning a special meal at home with your sweetheart or your whole family.

Preparing the meal together can be an enjoyable experience. And you’ll be making memories that will last a lifetime.

Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Consider Pasta!

Pasta is the perfect Valentine’s Day meal and it can be romantic. Or it can be as family friendly and as “fun and fancy” as you make it with a few of our tips and ideas below.

Here is our Tuesday night menu suggestion that almost anyone can make into the perfect Valentine’s Day meal, even on a budget!

Spaghetti & Wagyu Beef Meat Sauce


Garlic Bread

Red Wine


Ask Alexa to play some Italian music. Set a beautiful table with living flowers like these pink geraniums purchased at Giddings Nursery & Garden Center. Add a nice bottle of wine, or two, or three from our local Wineries. My friends at Busted Oak Cellars, Rohan Meadery at Blissful Folly Farm and Blue Mule Wines will be happy to help you pick the perfect pairing. Let the littles drink water from a fancy wine glass. Serve toasty garlic bread made from homemade bread baked fresh daily at Weikel’s Bakery. And finish the meal with chocolate pecans and praline candies from our friends at Katy Sweet Confectioners.

Spread the love. Nothing says “Be My Valentine” better than treating your loves with tasteful treasures from local businesses who really appreciate your patronage. It will certainly make their hearts happy.

You might even make them do a happy dance!

Whether it’s dinner for two or a Valentine’s Day meal your whole family can enjoy, we hope you consider making a lot of hearts happy with local delights from businesses like these and Wagyu beef from Weise Farms.


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