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Homegrown & Healthy with Squaremeals for Texas Schools

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Texas has a program for schools who want to serve farm fresh foods, and Weise Farms is eager to be a part of it. We recently hosted a group of high school students who were in the Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness class for a full day of hands on gardening, pasta making and meeting the animals on the farm. We love sharing our knowledge and sharing where our food comes from. I hope to have pictures to share from our day on the farm very soon.

And Weise Farms has received an email notification from The Farm Fresh Network email that reads:

Welcome to the Farm Fresh Network! Thank you for joining the Farm Fresh Network! You will be receiving a welcome letter, a Farm Fresh Network hat, and some additional information about the Farm Fresh Initiative in our state in the next few days. The Farm Fresh Network hat is a new addition to the welcome packet, so please share any images with us of you wearing your new hat!

You can bet I'll be wearing my new hat proudly as we hope to work with even more schools within a 100 mile radius of Giddings. Many thanks to The Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller for his efforts to help local Texas farmers with programs like and


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