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Serbin Chicks Hatch Learning in the Classroom

The first graders of St. Paul Lutheran School in Serbin have been learning about life cycles in science, and one of the ways they learn is by hatching out baby chicks using a variety of colorful eggs from Weise Farms.

We are so happy to see the joy in these smiling faces. It is such a pleasure that our eggs have been part of this learning experience for the past two years, and we look forward to the years ahead.

The success of this hatch is even more appreciated because the incubator had been accidentally unplugged for about 14 hours while the classroom was being cleaned, allowing some of the eggs to cool down. Thirty Six eggs were placed in the incubator, and 19 chicks hatched, even after the unfortunate incident. The resiliency of hatching eggs continues to amaze us.

It is always an exciting day in the classroom when hatch day is here. After a few days in the classroom, the chicks get to come home to Weise Farms to grow up and start laying more beautifully colored eggs.

Thank you all for your interest in our blog and our involvement with schools in the community.

Weise Farms is on the list of approved Texas farm fresh network producers at, through the Texas Department of Agriculture, farm to school program, making it simple for Texas producers to connect with local schools, child and adult care centers, and summer meal programs. Farm Fresh Network members provide a wide variety of seasonally available Texas-grown food products, including Texas raised beef.

Getting local Texas products into local cafeterias helps boost the economy and ensures that children are served nutritious, quality products from right here at home! Together, we are building a Homegrown & Healthy Texas.


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