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Beef! It's what's for Christmas!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Have you ever thought of giving Wagyu beef as a Christmas gift? I guess it would be a little hard to wrap up a steak or a side of beef and place it under the tree. Some love ribeyes. Others love a New York strip. Filet mignon are the favorite cut of some for sure. We can help you give something that will really be appreciated... delicious locally grown Food.

No worries! We have a solution. Gift Certificates! And you can give any amount you want. Let them pick out their favorite. Here's an idea... gift your adult son or daughter with a side of beef and let them choose how they want it cut with custom processing.

It isn't too early to think about Christmas. A Weise Farms gift certificate pairs perfectly with one of our grilling baskets or a delicious biscuit gift basket for a lovely presentation under the tree.

Our mission is to bring healthy and delicious locally grown foods from our Farm to your table. When you buy from us, you are investing in the future of the local American food supply chain. You don't even have to ask what country it's from. It's food from "the country" just down the road. Thank you for letting us be your farmer.

Weise Farms Gift Certificates do not expire, and they can be used for anything we have in stock, including beef, lamb, chicken, pickles, salsa, eggs, pasta, noodles, biscuit mix or even fresh fruit and produce in season! So give them a gift that they will consume and love! They will think of you with every tasty bite.

Beef! It's what's for Christmas!


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