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Office slash Sewing Room Project Organization

Is it a sewing room? Is it an office? Or is it a closet? Lately it's been an office with a sewing machine pushed off to the side and storage all around. Let's start organizing.

Step One: Haul everything out of our 8x10 project room, and place it in the kitchen and living room. Wow, how can there be so many contents from a tiny little room? I guess you can say I'm an organized hoarder. It's time to purge.

Step two: Sort into piles - Throw away, Give away, Save for another Day, or Find it another Place to Stay.

Step Three: Removed two built-in open shelving units from a nook. The plan is to repurpose the space make room for a custom built "shiplap" desk.

Getting rid of storage seems counter-productive, but those shelves were the real culprit. They were the perfect place to keep stuff I will never use again, like dried up craft paints from 1992 or little scraps of fabric.

Look! Here's something we intended to return to the store... Here's another! The receipts are attached with tape.

Another pile was formed for "Return it tomorrow, if not Today."

We are committed now! In fact, we have company coming over Tuesday night, so we are truly committed! I can't wait to see how this plan unfolds.

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