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Who's the Real Chicken?

Everyone knows that a Rooster crows in the morning, but when you hear cackling and commotion at 3:30 in the morning, you know there's trouble in the hen-house!

"Why are the chickens making so much noise?" and then it occurred to me. I didn't close the hen-house door!

Adrenalin kicked in and in two minutes flat Tim and I grabbed a flashlight and were running to the rescue.

We opened the front door, and ran past our cat, who was also looking a little bit nervous and scared. "Oh, No!" "It's all my fault for leaving the door open!"

Thoughts of guilt, sadness, and dead chickens raced through my mind as I rounded the corner with Tim right behind me. He is usually faster than me... but not when it comes to my chickens!

Relief came as we counted! One, two, three... all eighteen were accounted for. They instinctively all quieted down as they knew we were there to take care of them.

"Oh, No! Where are the teenage chicks?"

Another sigh of relief. They were safe and sound outside of the hen-house. (They hadn't learned to put themselves up at night). We carried all six of them back into the coop and latched the door.

My heart was still pounding. I said a prayer of thanksgiving and learned a valuable lesson. I will never forget to leave the hen-house door open again!

As we climbed back into bed, we remembered our cat.

I'm sure Tigger got more than he bargained for. His idea of an easy meal ended in terror when those chickens woke up. I guess you could say he chickened out!

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