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Roll Out Nest Boxes... Egg-sactly!

Updated: May 10, 2023

What would it be like if we decided not to collect the eggs today? It is freezing outside, and the weatherman said to stay inside. Eggs are a hot commodity, especially when it’s freezing outside.

Just imagine taking one egg and placing it in the freezer. With the egg shortage, that’s not a pretty picture. A frozen egg expands, causing the shell to crack. Now imagine what would happen if we didn’t collect the eggs during freezing temperatures. That would be a miSteak!

And speaking of steak, Weise Farms is now able to ship our Wagyu Beef. If you would like to be our very first customer to ship, that would be MooSic to our ears and we will reward anyone who ships in February with a free package of our delicious ground Wagyu.

We are so grateful that you took time to read our post, and be part of our farming journey. Thank you to all of our customers who buy our eggs and beef, and other farm fresh goods. You keep us motivated when the temperatures are cold.


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