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And the winner of our Wagyu Beef Gift Basket Giveaway is...

Oh my goodness... I am so excited, but first, I apologize for the delay in announcing our winner. I got the shingles, and had to take a few days for myself. Thank you to everyone who attended The Fayette County Record's 101 Birthday Party, and signed up to win the Wagyu Beef Gift Basket Giveaway! I was so excited to find out who the winner was. Scroll down to find out.

Congratulations to Tracye Jones!!!

I've known Tracye from way back. We went to Sunday School in Winchester together when we were little girls. Tracye, please call me when you get this message. My number is (979) 540-7164, and let's arrange a time for you to receive your Wagyu Beef Gift basket and Gift Certificate. The Gift Certificate is for $20 and you can use it toward any Wagyu Beef in stock!

There are so many ways to win giveaways at this Christmas season. Be sure to sign up for our Weise Farms emails to ensure that you are eligible to win. And share this email with your friends.

Here's another way to win.. Weise Farms is an advertiser in The Fayette County Record, Eat Shop Play Christmas Shopping magazine. When you shop with Weise Farms, and all of the other advertisers in the magazine, you can enter to win more prizes! So Pick up a copy of the Eat Shop Play magazine and find out how you could win $300, $200, and $100 in gift certificates from The Fayette County Record.

*Note - Weise Farms purchases are eligible for entering the Eat Shop Play contest to win, however, winners of the Eat Shop Play contest may not spend winning certificates with Weise Farms or Wildflowers & Lace, because we want our advertisers to benefit.


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