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One-a-Cluck, Two-a-Cluck, Three-a-Cluck, Four!

Our very own baby buff Orpington chicks hatched on April 11. We bought 38 chicks from a lady in Elm Mott Texas.

38 Buff Orpington's - The beginning of my Chicken Addiction

We ended up with seventeen hens and they are doing exactly what we wanted… laying eggs, being sweet and becoming clucks. Our first pullet at the age of five months hatched one pullet egg on October 19.

Just One from Cluck number One - The Only Lonely Pullet Egg Chick

Easter Egger/Americauna/Olive Eggers/mystery chicks from Cluck number two.

The next pullet became a cluck and hatched a dozen beautiful mixed Easter Egger/Americauna/Olive Eggers/mystery chicks that will add pretty colors to the egg basket.

The Duck Egg Cluck number Three

The next cluck is still sitting on 14 duck eggs and they are supposed to hatch on January 17.

This is our DIY Rubber Tub Cluck House - Cluck number four.

And now, we have another cluck! Thank goodness we have a cluck house! And thank you to Pinterest for the low cost cluck house idea.

Chicks for Sale!!! Call to reserve up to 14.

Buff Orpington chicks will be available for sale at $3 per chick on January 23, 2017.

But wait… there’s more… Even as we were in the process of “setting” the fourth cluck, another hen decided she now wants to be a mother. This chick hatching thing may be a way to feed my maternal love of babies and it may also be another source of income and food.

Orpington’s are my favorite breed. They do it all. Hello!!! Can we talk?

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