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Weise Farms is like an online Farmers Market with in person shopping at "The Shelf" in La Grange Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Farm visits are welcome by appointment only.  We offer the highest quality Wagyu beef, steaks & more. Now shipping! Let us ship a delicious Wagyu beef steak from our Texas family farm to your door. 


Take your dinner to the next level with Wagyu beef from Weise Farms. Weise Farms offers delicious and healthy Wagyu beef. Our steaks have a buttery flavor profile and exceptional tenderness. We never use hormones or antibiotics and we personally raise our cattle from birth to harvest in a responsible, ethical way. We chose our Wagyu cattle based upon their DNA, having healthy omega 3 and 6 fats with a low melting point, similar to coconut oil.


Weise Farms sells Real food. Not packaged food-like products. Your food is growing up right here on Weise Farms. Enjoy Wagyu beef in bulk or you can buy retail cuts for pickup or local delivery. We accept deposits on whole calves, halves, or quarters that include the cost of custom processing. We carry seasonal produce as it becomes available, with canned goods, noodles & pastas, and cottage foods year round.


When you buy from Weise Farms, you don't have to ask what country your meat comes from. Weise Farms raises real food from "the country" just down the road. Thank you for letting us be your farmer.

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You can visit our Farm located in Giddings, TX.


Please call or email us to make an appointment.

We are a working farm, not a tourist attraction, and farm visits We don't butcher our animals for visitors under any circumstances. 

For more info, please reach out to us.

(979) 540-7164

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