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Top Ten Reasons Why

I think that there is something deep inside, calling us to connect with our food, and to know where our food comes from, to know how it was raised, to know the quality of life that the animal had (which directly impacts the quality of the end product) and to truly understand what goes into growing and raising the food that you feed to your family.

Here is a list of 10 reasons to buy directly from Weise Farms as your very own farmer!

Top 10 Reasons Why:

1) You know how your beef was raised, which is so important as we know that the health and nutrition of our meat starts at birth, and continues throughout its life, long before it hits our plates. We personally raise your beef for you in a stress-free way throughout its lifetime, from calving, to weaning, to harvest.

2) Our calves are born right here on the farm and they live on our property their whole life. They are never given anything to make them grow faster, such as antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

3) You know exactly where your beef comes from. "Product of USA" just means that the animal was packaged in the United States, it does not mean that it was born in the United States, or even raised in the USA. When you buy beef directly from Weise Farms you know that your meat was born and raised right here in "the country" just down the road.

4) You can feel confident that we work very hard every day to raise the best beef possible, in the best way possible for the land and for the animal, to feed you and your family the most nutritious, healthy and delicious beef around!

5) You can connect directly with us as your own farmer. We enjoy sharing our farm stories with you, even when things don't go exactly as planned. We share the good and the bad, the happy and the sad with you through our blog posts and emails.

6) When you buy a half-calf from Weise Farms, you will have your very own “freezer section” in your home and can choose from a wide variety of cuts to make meal planning quick and easy! But if you don't have a freezer, that's ok. We offer The Meat Club for our monthly beef subscribers. We also sell individual steaks and ground beef to those who want to buy delicious steaks and ground beef every now and then. We appreciate all of you and thank you for supporting us!

7) When you buy a side of beef, you can secure your family’s healthy meat supply for the next year and know that inflation will not affect your costs. We will be happy to help you determine how much freezer space you need.

8) Buying directly from us as your very own farmer cuts out the middle-man, and it is the most sustainable buying system! Getting as close to your food source as possible makes a powerful difference in the quality of the meat that your family eats.

9) Our Wagyu beef is very healthy. We searched for and purchased a particular type of Wagyu genetics that meet certain DNA criteria. Our Wagyu cattle have a low melting point of fat, and they have a specific gene that transforms that fat into healthy Omega 3s. We didn't start out wanting to sell Wagyu beef. Our original goal was to eat healthy and feel good. Mission accomplished. And thanks to requests from friends who wanted this also, we started offering our beef for sale.

10) You get to support our small family farm! So many family farms are no longer around. Weise Farms has been in the family since 1854, and we hope it stays that way for generations to come. Buying beef from Weise Farms is your chance to truly support a small family farm and help us to pave a path for the next generation of local "real food" farmers. We are thankful that our children and grandchildren support us in our mission and have interest in carrying it on in the future. By getting on the schedule for a side of beef, a monthly beef subscription or a few delicious steaks, you show how much you appreciate us as a local farmer. We raise every calf as if it were for our own table. And by supporting us, we will have healthy and delicious beef available even when the grocery store shelves are empty.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Becky & Tim Weise at Weise Farms

PS. If you have any questions about placing a deposit on a side of beef, please give us a call and we'll walk you through every step of the way.




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